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Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
technology from -t have new people on board. " awarded...the former head oo the mayoo's i-t office has resigned under a cloud f previous empllyer, state of new york then, the chief of staff of the i-t office also left shortly after fox 45 unnoveredda descrepancyy in his ethics form the descrepancy??? - failing to report that he had previously done work for digicoo. jolivet::07:57:033 "digicon employees i wasstold, makeeup fifty percent offall division." aanoll jolivet ii a who's suung the city because he says the conttacting system is brokkn.....jolivet: 07:58:08 it's dumb. t doesn't make sense.".... still, the mayor says she's her office will adddess the i-g's concerns maaor: (bite from friday - 05:20:57) "we''e working with the comptroller's office to move the city forward." a confidence not shaaed by crrtics - ike jolivet....who believes paxpayers are the big looers in this matter. jolivet: 07:54:14 "we don't know what phe pricee the real price, of &pthis work was. we just don't know. we'll never know. but taxpayers picked up this cost."" to... digicon.../ us... they...
Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
different? we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. during our sleep number innovation event, save up to $600 on our most innovative bed sets. hurry! this event ends soon. you'll only find the innovative sleep number bed at one of our 400 stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. on t-v, he's n boot camp on fox's hit- show 'x-factor'. but, today-- ddviddcorrey went back to school.paul gessler reports the annapolis musician ii staying true to his roots... even as his fame takes off. kathy mahar:"it's gonna be a total surprise to the student body. they're gonna go nuts. they're gonnn go nuts."the archbishop spalding auditoriim is hot with excitement.23.15 &pit.(nats)but, his band is the warm- up ct.kathy mahar:"i auditorium,,people down in screams."(nats: screems)those screams are or david correy. not just any alumni.katie e's - bbgdan: "i couldn't
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2